META Financial Education : Transformative learning made simple!​

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Been there, done it, taught it...

META brings together the collective expertise developed during our time as part of the UBS Business University. Having been on your side of the fence we knew we could do things better and differently:

What is META?

META is a learning team and a solutions provider

Why is corporate training so disconnected from the learning we do every day?

META started with a simple purpose to solve this learning disconnect; small, incremental change over time achieves big results.

Our experience was that training was often too impersonal, impractical and dull so we decided to simplify things – concentrating on the small things that make a big impact. How META!

Our Philosophy

We believe the secret to success is – keep it simple and make it matter.

We employ tried and true methods to help people learn with a creative twist to keep it interesting.  

Our winning composition  is:

  • A genuine interest in our clients, their business, culture and people and
  • Using our collective expertise to help our clients learn and achieve their goals

All the while keeping it simple, effective and fun!

Who We Are

We are a team of learning experts. Passionate about learning.

We help our clients learn about markets, the ever-changing and complex regulatory landscape and how to achieve their personal best, manage their careers and develop their people.

Just like ordering at a restaurant – we can design a menu for any appetite.

We offer both an a la carte menu and the opportunity to create a bespoke tasting menu to cater to your needs.