Our Story

What is META?

META is a learning team and a solutions provider.

We think of ourselves as both an idea factory as well as one-stop-shop for your learning needs. 

Passion for learning starts with you. We learn WITH you…and we design and deliver learning solutions that work FOR you.  

Our Philosophy

We believe the secret to success is keep it simple and make it matter. 

So, we employ tried and true methods to help people learn, from collaborative learning in the classroom to coaching and more. 

All the while keeping it simple, effective and fun! 

Who We Are

We are a team of learning gurus.

Passionate about learning. With more years’ experience between us than we care to count!

We have helped our clients learn about markets, the ever-changing and complex regulatory landscape and on how to achieve their personal best from communication to managing people.  

Get to know all about META Financial Education in just three minutes by watching our short introductory video.