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Matt Fotherby

Founder and Director

During his banking career at UBS and Nomura Matt has gained invaluable experience in a variety of front office and training functions, spanning across both financial markets and compliance. Matt brings a unique blend of market experience, technical knowledge and regulatory know-how to offer leading workshops designed to provide practical, flexible and commercial Compliance training solutions to clients.

Matt worked at UBS from 2002 to 2016 in a variety of roles within the Equity business, the Business University and Compliance. Matt began his UBS banking career in Stock Lending and Equity Finance IT as a business analyst before moving into Prime Services as a Hedge Fund Account Manager where he was responsible for the relationship management of a portfolio of multi-billion dollar clients trading an array of diverse strategies across global locations.

In 2011 having collaborated closely to offer client training solutions within Prime Services he was given the opportunity to work in the renowned Financial Markets Education team for over 3 years where he developed courses and curriculums for both UBS employees and key strategic clients.  Matt delivered across all assets classes and levels, including equities, fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives, risk management and traditional asset management topics.

As the regulatory environment continued to evolve and develop Matt pivoted to take his financial markets experience into Compliance and Regulatory training. After a successful period within the Compliance Training team at UBS Matt took the opportunity to move to Nomura to establish and develop their Compliance training function.

Matt is now in the unique position to offer Compliance training designed to decipher the complexity and equip your employees with the knowledge they need to remain compliant and competent within their roles.