What is Culture and is it still important in Financial Services?

Culture and conduct are terms that we have long since heard about in financial services. It could even be argued that like video calls, there’s a fatigue element whenever these terms are yet again rolled out. What this means to us and why we should care is very easy. Behaviour, and not just words on a website or emblazoned across a corporate wall will impact everyone; colleagues, clients and potentially the market as a whole.

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Look who’s back, back again!

The most recent of these in late 2019 took a slightly different approach hosting Conduct Roundtable sessions with 18 wholesale banks. Each was represented by a group of 10 staff at a ‘Vice President’ (VP) level of seniority or similar. They came to refer to this group as ‘the Engine Room’, acknowledging their importance to firms. It’s a good read and I thoroughly recommend it but if you don’t have time to sift through the 34 pages I’ve picked out some key highlights and comments for you to ponder over.

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SMCR; Coaching for Competence?

A quick read on a more forward-looking part of SMCR, and one we think about a lot when working with clients and that is Competency, and in particular how you come to that concussion in order to certify ‘certified employees’ within your firm. Could learning to coach but a key.

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