Digital Learning

Digital Learning - Your pathway to success

  • Digital learning is a phrase widely used but what does it mean for you?
  • Digital learning is about using technology to build skills and develop your people
  • Put simply it’s about creating a learning experience that offers up a mix of technology solutions, or what is often called a blended learning approach

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Online Learning



The META Approach to Digital Learning

Our role is to work with you to understand and ‘digitalise’ an existing program, like a management or graduate program or create something new you are looking to build.

Creating a digital learning solution isn’t just about leveraging tech, it’s about your people and preparing them for the future! 

Blended Learning

We work with you to curate the optimal selection of learning

Leveraging virtual instructor-led training, on-demand self-directed learning, online resources such as videos, talks, articles, blogs and face-to-face interaction

Sustainable Learning

Learning should not stop at the end of the program

We provide a dedicated skills coach to support your people continue to develop both within and beyond the program

Consultancy & Design

There is no one size fits all approach, so our solution is unique to what you need

In fact there is the temptation to embrace a simple, narrow view of learning as just the efficient transmission of knowledge through digital tools

Creating a digital learning solution is about much more than this

Want to chat and explore a little more?

We are always happy to schedule a call to have an initial discussion and share our ideas. Maybe that is all you need from us right now, or perhaps you are ready to roll up your sleeves and kick off a digital project, either way we’re here and would love to chat. 

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