HR ToolKit

Your Talent Self-Assessment

We can provide a quick yet systematic check-in across your talent process and provide you a detailed report, highlighting areas where you benchmark highly and recommendations on where you can consider future improvement. 

Step 1: HR Toolkit Diagnostics

Governance, Culture & Conduct

  • Culture plays a vital role in an organisation's success
  • Leaders must develop a clear vision and they must encourage and enable their people to join in the success by delivering that vision
  • Test and learn approach reduces risk and enables rapid pivots when required

Talent Acquisition & Retention

  • 16 of the top 25 skills searched on LinkedIn did not exist 5 years ago
  • Recent events have proven that we can work in different patterns, locations and virtually
  • Retention of key talent will become even more challenging in the future

Performance Management


  • The cornerstone of your talent strategy and critical to achieving your organisation’s business strategies
  • Create a model of ongoing feedback and dialogue
  • Introduce agile principles; learn through and encourage iteration

Reward & Recognition

  • Separate evaluation from development discussions
  • Clear & transparent pay structure
  • Incentives informed by the desires of your people

Career Development

  • Establish people's priorities and goals
  • Align career aspirations with business needs and learning and development plans
  • Support and encourage flexible career paths

Learning & Development

  • Define lifelong learning ambitions
  • Curate learning pathways tailored to individuals
  • Increase learning agility; project skills, data-driven decision making and consumer-centric listening

Coaching & Mentoring


  • Develop a strengths-based approach by working with your people to enhance what they are already good at and passionate about
  • Set small, incremental, achievable goals that result in bigger transformation over the long-term
  • Equip your people with tools to ‘self-coach’ 

Succession Planning

  • Can you achieve your business goals with your current people and capabilities?
  • Is our existing talent base ready to become your next generation of leaders?
  • Is your investment in learning and development aligned to achieve your strategic business goals?

Policies & Procedures

  • Co-design HR policy and procedure treating your people as clients
  • When combined together they should guide and help your people to meet your organisational objectives 
  • Consistency and transparency creates a positive organisational culture

Step 2 – Implementation

Review > Define > Action 

We work with you to prioritise the results of your diagnostics and focus on what will drive the best results for you and your people.

Project Roadmap

A clear project roadmap and plan to agree scope and initiate the project in line with your expectations

Implementation Framework

A detailed framework for implementation, providing clear deliverables and milestones

Continuous Improvement

The pathway must be continuous and we help you to plan and drive improvements into the future

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