Understanding Our Business

When people know what the game is, they play better

There has never been a more important time to fully engage your people. They will do well if the company does well. They are interested in making this happen and need to know how their role fits into the business model in order for them to contribute their best to the success of the company.

The financial statements are an important source of information about what your company is about. But before you go to the numbers, you want to know the value proposition of the company, that goods and services the company sells that customers are willing to pay for.

It is also important to know the key metrics and techniques in deciphering the financial statements so that you can identify the key value drivers of the company. 

Ask yourself how many people at your organisation truly understand all this?

Know Your Business, Drive Your Success. Let us be your guide through a 3-step journey to increase understanding and drive engagement from your employees.

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Step 1 – Know The Numbers

Is all about demystifying the financials to uncover how your organisation operates, makes money, the relationship between driving revenue and reducing costs and the role risk must play

Step 2 – Cutting Through The Jargon

This is where we pick up on some of the more ‘technical’ sounding concepts and break them down in a digestible way so you can be dropping terms like ‘EBITDA’ and ‘Asset Turnover’ into your everyday parlance

Step 3 – Joining the Dots

A practical insight into how to use financial concepts to drive engagement with your team

Know The Numbers

Leveraging on the annual and quarterly reports of your company, these modules will distill what the numbers are, what they mean, how they reflect the business and why they matter.

Understanding the Business

What is your Corporate Strategy and Operating Model and how does that drive your commercial success

The Accounting of the Business

Understanding your financial statements and what they are telling us about the business.

Risk Management & Control

Why and how does risk management contribute to the overall value proposition of your business

Cutting Through The Jargon


  • Gross margin
  • Operating margin


  • Operating assets
  • Working capital requirement
  • Total assets


  • Return on Capital
  • Return on Equity
  • Income Statement & Balance Sheet Leverage


  • Debt vs. equity
  • Risk weighted assets (financial institutions)
  • Capital and leverage ratios (financial institutions)

Funding & Liquidity

  • Funding composition
  • Liquidity coverage

Credit Risk (financial institutions)

  • Credit risk drivers & characteristics
  • Counterparty risk
  • Collateralization

Market Risk (financial institutions)

  • Market risk drivers & characteristics
  • FX risk
  • Interest rate risk

Other Comprehensive Income

  • P/L statement volatility
  • Hedges

Issued Securities

  • Share price vs. value
  • P/E ratio
  • Credit rating

Joining The Dots

A practical insight into how to use financial concepts to drive engagement with your employees.

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