Earle&Gomes in conjunction with META Financial Education present a series of practical and insightful webinar training sessions designed to get to the core of what you really need to know.

The sessions will initially cover a number of key market hot topics.

Under each webinar session you will be able to view a recorded version to watch and enjoy at your leisure.

How banks make money

Net interest income, net fees and commissions, trading income - ever wondered exactly what these mean? 

In this webinar we take a walk through the main revenue streams for banks, deciphering the underlying drivers and seeking to understand the products that support these revenue streams.

Welcome to the world of Investment Banking

In this webinar we take a journey into the world of Investment Banking to understand what they do how they interact with clients and the key revenue streams.

We examine both corporate banking in terms of IPOs and M&A and the role that investment banking plays with regards to sales and trading and liquidity provision..

Welcome to the world of Asset Management

Active and passive, alternative and traditional. Funds come in all different shapes and sizes but how do they actually work and what purpose do they serve?

Why use a fund manager when you could go direct? Are the fees justified.

In this webinar we cover the basics of funds, their structure and why the fund industry is such a key player in financial markets.

Welcome to the world of Wealth Management

What is your risk tolerance, what are your financial objectives, do you have time to manage and invest yourself?

All these questions lead us to the world of wealth management.

An industry built to understand clients and find out what’s important and why so the wealth manager is able to bring in the appropriate experts and provide suitable financial products.

Equity Products & Markets

The equity market is about so much more than just shares.

In this webinar we look at how to invest both directly and indirectly in equities, what types of products sit under the equity umbrella and how investors consider the valuing equities.

We also introduce the market mechanics looking at how and where products are priced and the role market makers play.

Fixed Income Products & Markets

The Fixed Income market is about so much more than just bonds.

In this webinar we take a tour through the fixed income product landscape, examining the range of short, mid and longer dated products.

We also look at the associated risk factors and the hedging options using interest rate swaps and credit default swaps.

Foreign Exchange

It’s not difficult but it is confusing!

The foreign exchange market is the market in which participants are able to buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies

In this webinar we examine the value proposition of investing vs hedging and why some market participants are just looking to lock in future cash flows.

Derivatives in action

‘The economic equivalent of crack cocaine’ 'Financial weapons of mass destruction'. Surely that means derivatives are highly risky and should be treated with caution?!

In this webinar we dive into the world of derivatives and look to understand what are they, how are they used and can they really both reduce risk and also offer those who want more risk at the same time.

Brexit: Impact on Financial Services

The financial services sector is of key importance to the UK economy, while the continued success of the City as Europe’s principle financial services hub is a central theme in the ‘Brexit’ debate.

In this webinar we unpick what is going on with Brexit, what are the potential outcomes and how does it impact financial services. 

Season 3 Wrap Up

In this final webinar of the season we take a look back at what we have covered.

Firstly, thinking back to the major market participants; investment banks, asset managers and investment management – what they do, how they act as intermediaries and their value propositions.

We then reviewed the major asset classes across equities, fixed income, fx and derivatives considering how they overlap and why they are used by market players.