Subject Expertise

One size does not fit all when it comes to learning​. Sometimes a short knowledge bite or a MED - minimum effective dose is sufficient, other times you will require a more formal learning module. We recognise and respond to ensure the most appropriate style is applied and available to you and your employees. We specialise in three core areas, bringing together our collective knowledge, skills and industry experience. 

Financial Markets & Regulations

We cover all areas of financial markets from the fundamentals of how markets work right through to complex trading and investment strategies. Our training courses focus on the practical applications of financial markets, products and their underlying value propositions.

When it comes to Regulations we are uniquely placed to deliver training that deciphers the complexity to equip your employees with the knowledge they need to remain compliant and competent within their roles.

Professional Development

Professional development is about so much more than a basic presentation course! Our courses cover all the core competencies needed to attract, develop and retain talent within your firm.

From leadership through to personal development our courses are designed with one clear purpose in mind, your main asset – your employees.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement plays a critical role in enabling firms to survive and thrive in ever more challenging regulatory and competitive environments.

Through our courses learners will explore the key movements which, as a collective, form the basis for the field of Continuous Improvement. Concepts and approaches such as Lean, Six Sigma and systems thinking are explored and applied to everyday business situations. With the focus firmly at strategic level, the learner is provided with a platform to explore models of application and key CI tools in future modules.